Application for Off-campus Accommodation

Applications from prospective students will be considered once the student has been granted admission into a study course at Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak.

A booking form is available online in the following link: 

Booking Fees
A booking fee of RM500.00 is to be paid once the booking form is submitted to Hubridy Company. The booking fee will automatically be converted into accommodation rental once students make full payment of accommodation rental according to the property chosen.

Accommodation Rental
Monthly accommodation rental is to be paid within seven (7) days of each month. Any payment received after seven (7) days of tenure commencement will be charged with the late payment penalty of RM200. If payment is not received within seven (7) days of the months commencement, the student will be asked to vacate the property immediately and will be charged daily rate rental based on the number of days the room has been occupied. A letter to vacate the room will be issued. 

Non-compliance will be served with a notice to vacate and will be subjected to the following fee forfeiture:




***Tenure commencement is defined as one (1) week before academic commencement.

Accommodation Offer 
Minimum stay is for 1 (one) year. 
Maximum stay is for 1 (one) year. 

Tenure Renewal and Expiry
Letter of Renewal will be issued to accommodation residents two (2) months before the current tenure expires. Monthly rental is to be paid by the stated due date. Any payment received after the due dates will be charged with the Late Payment Penalty of RM200. Continuing students who decide to stay the following semester but do not confirm renewal of tenure by the due dates will also be charged with the Late Payment Penalty.

How Do I Make Payment?
Further payment can be made in the following ways:
1. Bank Draft
2. Online Transfer,
3. Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa)
***Payments by Credit Card will attract a 3% surcharge
4. Direct Bank Deposit


Bank Account Details
Account Name          : Hubridy Company
Bank Name               : Maybank
Account Number      : 5112-3413-2337
Address                     : NO 65-67, Lot 3179-3181, Block 10, Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho, 93200, Kuching, Sarawak.
Payment Reference : (your name)_(month and year that you are paying for the accommodation)

Swift code                 : MBBEMYKL

Cash- Only up to RM500.00 at the office in Block G, Level 9.

Hubridy’s Responsibilities
1. To make sure the property is clean and fit to live in at the start of the tenure.
2. Provide a reasonable level of peace, comfort and privacy in the premises.
3. Ensure the premises are reasonably secure.
4. Maintain the premises and inclusions in good repair and keep common areas clean.
5. To enforce accommodation rules and regulations.

Hubridy's Rights
1. To issue notices of breach to residents who break the terms of occupancy and/or cause damage to any parts or

     inclusions of the building and/or cause inconvenience to others.
2. To issue notices of breach to residents defaulting on their occupancy payments, and for continued offences to

    issue an eviction notice.
3. To inspect the condition of the property during reasonable hours, after being issued with a notice to enter.


Resident’s Responsibilities
1. Pay the occupancy and other services fees by due dates and through the agreed methods of payment.
2. Do not use the premises for illegal purposes.
3. Do not cause nuisance or interference with the reasonable peace, comfort, or privacy of a neighbour.
4. Keep the premises and inclusions clean.
5. Be responsible for your guests’ behaviour.

6. Do not intentionally, maliciously or negligently damage, or allow anyone else to intentionally, maliciously or

    negligently damage the premises or inclusions.
7. Abide by the terms of occupancy and Rules and Regulations of the building.
8. Report to the Accommodation Office of any damages to the premises.

Immediate Eviction
Hubridy Accommodation Rules and Regulations promote tolerance, courtesy and care for others and the different needs within the community. If any resident chooses to ignore or transgress these guidelines, he/she shall receive a written warning from the Hubridy Company. Residents, who have received a warning and continue to display unacceptable behaviour will be asked to leave immediately; that is, will be evicted immediately.


In addition to the termination provisions, residents will be immediately evicted if they are:
1. Found smoking in the premises.
2. Found to be carrying, using or distributing drugs or other illegal substances.
3. Found to be involved in the harassment of or discrimination against another resident, staff member or person.
4. Found to be involved in the sexual and/or physical abuse of another resident, staff member or person.
5. Found to be involved in theft of another person’s property.

Facilities and Services
1. Kitchen
• Microwave oven
• Refrigerator
• CCTV camera

2. Toilet and Washroom Area
The toilet is equipped with water heating system.

3. CCTV Camera
The CCTV camera is located at all the walkways and common areas in the building.

4. Fire Alarm System and Fire Extinguisher
The building is equipped with smoke detectors and heat detectors which are connected to the Fire Security system. The system is linked to the Fire Department (BOMBA).
Fire Extinguishers are located on every floor and in the kitchen. Please read the operating manual on how to operate the extinguisher.

5. Security Guard
Security guard is stationed in all the buildings.


6. Room Facilities
All the rooms are equipped with:
• Bed
• Chair
• Wardrobe
• Study Table
• Air Condition

Note: All air-conditions, lightings, induction cooker, water heaters and all other electrical appliances must be switched off when not in use.  Proper and safe usage of these appliances is the responsibility of each resident. 

Rental & Deposit
Deposits are not refundable when any room facilities are found lost/damaged. In addition, rental and deposit are not refundable if there are any breached of contract or the agreement is terminated prior to the end date.


Maintenance of Accommodation
1. Normal wear and tear will be repaired/replaced by the Accommodation Technician whilst the outsourced

    contractor will do the major repair and maintenance works (if required).

2. Residents will be charged for negligent damages.

3. Any damage to/ breakage of property/facilities must be reported immediately to the Accommodation Office by

    email  to:
    Please indicate your name, your room number, the problem (s) and your availability for the maintenance / repair


4. If you miss the initial maintenance / repair appointment, you are required to fill the Notice of Intent to Enter

    Resident’s Room form and submit to the Hubridy Accommodation Office for another appointment.

5. All maintenance / repair works will only be carried out between 9.30am to 4.30pm (Monday – Friday). However,

    in the event of any emergency i.e, power trip, pipe burst, fire or any life threatening incident which may occur, 

   Accommodation Office Staff or other authorised persons may enter the property area without prior notice. During

   the time that maintenance/repair work is permitted, all hostel residents are advised to be dressed appropriately

   at all times. This is important to avoid any misunderstandings & to respect your privacy.

Accommodation Rules of Occupancy
These rules form part of your offer for accommodation. Please read these rules carefully, and if you have any questions, please ask the Accommodation Office personnel.

The operation of the Off-campus Accommodation is based strictly on a HALAL (food that is permitted or recognised by Islamic law) environment.

Eligibility of Residents
All residents must be enrolled in a program in Swinburne Sarawak.

Residents must agree to abide by the code of behaviour. Acceptable behaviour includes not interfering with another person’s living conditions or personal security. Unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with by the Management. Repeated offences by a resident could constitute grounds for early termination.

Restriction of Entering Residence
Outsider are not allowed to enter the restricted block. Failure to respect this rule may result in disciplinary action. Outsiders have no rights to enter all the units in all the Hubridy’s accommodation. The maximum stay is 30 minutes and not later than 10pm.

Building Security
All residents and visitors agree to be bound by the security regulations or as instructed by Management.
Please be aware of the warning signs, i.e. Evacuation Process/Procedure, Safe Facilities/Equipment Handling.

Residents must carry their Access Card and room key at all times.
Under no circumstances must residents loan out their Access Card or room key or copy their own room key.

Security Check
Security guards have the right to check on students and their visitors before entering the property and also to instruct students who makes too much noise after the mentioned time for noise curfew, into the property. Visitors are required to fill up the Visitor’s Form at the Security Guard’s counter.

Noise Level 
All residents must observe consideration for their neighbours. No excessive noise is permitted after 9.00 pm until 8.00 am. Noise disturbances can potentially lead to disciplinary action and/or legal prosecution.
Residents and Visitors are not allowed to gather at the common area after 11:00pm.

Illegal Activities/Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking and Gambling
The above activities are not permitted under any circumstances in any areas of the building, including inside the rooms.
Any resident who fails to comply will immediately be evicted.

Common Property
Residents must not interfere with or damage any common property, nor leave anything on or obstruct the use of common property. The residents are liable for any damage caused by them.

Furniture and Equipment
The furniture, and other items provided in the property are to be used for the purposes for which they are designed. The resident is liable for damage to this property.

The resident is not permitted to make alterations or additions to the hostel or the furniture and equipment within the hostel.

The installation of other furniture in a resident’s room is not permitted unless a written application is submitted to, and approved by the Accommodation Office.

Under no circumstances are residents permitted to bring in pets and animals onto the premises.

Keys and Access Cards
The resident is responsible for any cost associated with the replacement of their room key and Access Card. All rooms must be kept locked for security reasons.

The Access Card and the room key should be carried by residents at all times when moving around the building.
The first access door card and room key is complimentary, thereafter a RM100.00 charge will apply for access card and RM50.00 for room key (Damage/Lost). All the students have ONLY 3 times to use our Hubridy’s assistance to unlock the door for any self-negligence action.

Please note, to maintain the safety and security of all residents, each resident’s card and key is for their sole use only and must not be given to any other person to use without the permission of the Accommodation Office.

If staff finds any person in unauthorized possession of an access door card, that card will be confiscated. Furthermore if any such person is found in possession of an access door card and is not a resident and they are not an authorized visitor, they will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

Also note the charges for keys/cards that are not returned to the Accommodation Office by the end of the tenure:




Spare key/Access Card collection:

Emergency Contact 

During emergencies, please reach us through these contact numbers:

Hotline - 014 - 308 8680

Mr Lee - 0112 - 997 8868

Contact of local authorities:

Fire Department 994

Police Department +6082 - 244 444 (Hotline)


Sarawak General Hospital - +6082 - 276 999

Normah Medical Hospital - +6082 - 311 999

Kuching Specialist Hospital - +6082 - 365 777 / +6082 – 365 030

Timberland Medical Centre - +6082 - 234 466

Borneo Medical Centre   - +6082 - 507 333

Accommodation Office Counter Operating Hours

Revision of Rules and Regulations

The Accommodation Management Office reserves the right to revise the Rules and Regulations from time to time and will keep the residents informed of any changes in the form of memos, notices on the Notice Boards, and e-mails.